Calendar 2020

This calendar is collated from viewing various websites and Facebook pages
ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS CHECK THAT THE EVENT IS ACTUALLY ON BY CLICKING ON THE TRACK NAME IN BLUE. That will take you to the website where the info has come from. This calendar has not been changed since January. The recent COVID-19 events have put all calendars in doubt. Always check.

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May20WedKwinana WAWAW
May22FriDarwin NTOff Street
May23SatWillowbank SQT'n'T
May23SatAlice Springs NTHarley Challenge, CADRA #3
May27WedKwinana WAWAW
May29-30-31Fri-Sat-SunWillowbank SQWinters Warm Up
May30SatMildura VICRiverland Nationals, Junior Shootout #3, Race ya mates,
May30SatDarwin NTCompetition #4
Jun03-07Wed-SunWillowbank SQNITRO 400 THUNDER PRO and SPORTSMAN Winternats
Jun13SatPalmyra NQSchools HPV Event
Jun13SatSpringmount NQRace Ya Mates; T'n'T
Jun19FriWillowbank SQDiesel Assault
Jun19FriDarwin NTOff Street
Jun20SatDarwin NTCompetition #5
Jun20SatWillowbank SQT'n'T
Jun20SatPalmyra NQRace ya mates, T'n'T
Jun24WedWillowbank SQT'n'T
Jun27SatWillowbank SQStreet Series #4
Jul03FriWillowbank SQT'n'T
Jul04SatWillowbank SQQDRC Champs #4
Jul05SunWillowbank SQJunior Dragster Blast
Jul11SatAlice Springs NTQueen of the Street, CADRA #4
Jul11SatSpringmount NQTrack Champs #2
Jul15WedWillowbank SQT'n'T
Jul17-18Fri-SatPalmyra NQKSOS T'n'T; PDRC Round 4
Jul18SatDarwin NTHVDRA and Darwin Supercars
Jul19SunWillowbank SQAll Fords Day
Jul24-25Fri-SatSpringmount NQTropical Meltdown
Jul25SatPalmyra NQT'n'T
Jul25SatWillowbank SQT'n'T
Jul26SunWillowbank SQMopar Sunday
Jul-Aug31-01-02Fri-Sat-SunAlice Springs NTSummit Desert Nats, CADRA #5
Aug01SatDarwin NTOff Street
Aug01SatSpringmount NQTrack Champs #3
Aug07FriWillowbank SQT'n'T
Aug08SatWillowbank SQQDRC Champs #5
Aug09SunWillowbank SQOfficials Day
Aug07-08Fri-SatDarwin NTSummit Sportsman Series 2
Aug08-09Sat-SunTamworth NSWGunnedah Airport
Aug14FriWillowbank SQDiesel Assault
Aug15SatWillowbank SQStreet Series #5
Aug14-15Fri-SatPalmyra NQKSOS T'n'T; PDRC Round 5
Aug19WedWillowbank SQT'n'T
Aug21-22Fri-SatSpringmount NQAeroflow Outlaw NITRO Funny Cars; 400 Thunder Sportsman
Aug22-23Sat-SunWillowbank SQJamboree
Aug29SatWillowbank SQT'n'T, All Bike Day
Sep04FriDarwin NTOff Street
Sep04FriWillowbank SQT'n'T
Sep05SatWillowbank SQQDRC Champs #6
Sep04-05Fri-SatPalmyra NQKSOS T'n'T; Feature TBA
Sep12SatWillowbank SQStreet Series #6
Sep16WedWillowbank SQT'n'T
Sep18FriDarwin NTNT Titles, CADRA #6
Sep18-19Fri-SatDarwin NTNT Titles
Sep18-19-20Fri-Sat-SunPalmyra NQSugar City Powerfest
Sep25FriDarwin NTOff Street
Sep26SatWillowbank SQKenda Radial
Sep26SatSpringmount NQTrack Champs #4
Oct03SatWillowbank SQT'n'T
Oct03SatAlice Springs NTCompany Car Challenge, CADRA #7
Oct10SatWillowbank SQStreet Series #7
Oct10SatDarwin NTCompetition #6
Oct16-17Fri-SatPalmyra NQKSOS T'n'T; PDRC Round 6
Oct17SatWillowbank SQT'n'T, Powder Puff
Oct23FriWillowbank SQT'n'T
Oct24SatWillowbank SQNITRO Aeroflow Outlaw Funny Cars
Oct24SatAlice Springs NTMuscle mania Aces & Eights, CADRA #8
Oct24SatSpringmount NQAeroflow NITRO Hotrods; Track Champs #5
Oct31SatWillowbank SQT'n'T, Street Sedan / Bike Finals
Oct31SatAlice Springs NTChristmas Celebration Drags, CADRA #9
Oct-Nov31-01Sat-SunTamworth NSWGunnedah Airport
Nov07SatWillowbank SQT'n'T
Nov14SatWillowbank SQT'n'T
Nov21SatWillowbank SQT'n'T
Nov25WedWillowbank SQT'n'T
Nov28SatWillowbank SQTrack Champs Awards Night
Nov20-21Fri-SatPalmyra NQKSOS T'n'T; PDRC Round FINAL & Outlaws Feature
Dec04FriWillowbank SQDiesel Assault
Dec05SatWillowbank SQT'n'T
Dec12SatWillowbank SQT'n'T
Dec19SatWillowbank SQT'n'T, Christmas Theme

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