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Can a data logger input shaft sensor be fitted to a Powerglide? 2020-10-22

Powerglide Input Shaft sensing

Yes, says Alex Van Leuven from Naracoorte, because he has successfully done it.

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Townsville 2020-10-04
DriveIT North Queensland Driver Education facility has begun.

Includes a drag strip

Kadina 2020-09-06

Looks suspiciously like a new drag strip under construction. Total length is about 600 metres, so it's most likely an 1/8 mile strip

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Google Earth pix of the new drag strip at Kadina

The Bend Dragway 2020-07-11

There is earthmoving activity going on at The Bend Dragway.

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Kadina Drag Strip News.

Progress has been made about the new drag strip at Kadina, South Australia. Copper Coast Motorsports via their Facebook page indicate that plans have been drawn up and submitted to council.

Adelaide Drag Race Promotions has a new website and minor change of web address. adelaidedrags.com.au and Facebook

The Bend - Drone Footage of where the new track will be located

It is about 5 minutes of video from a drone, doing a lap down and then back of where the new drag strip will be. Drone Footage

Another new drag strip for Queensland.

Lets just hope this comes true too. New drag strip for Townsville

Editorial comment by Graeme Wilson

I am feeling the vibe that drag racing in Australia is entering a new phase of enthusiasm after being in the doldrums for so long.

Another New Drag Strip for SA at Kadina - by Graeme Wilson

There is a new drag strip being planned for Kadina at the top of South Australia's Yorke Peninsula. Several sources have said that planning applications are being made, and that the various government and council bodies are agreeable. Kadina SA From the Facebook page, it looks like work has begun.

New Drag Strip at Tailem Bend by Graeme Wilson

2019-06-05. I had the privilege of going to a community information event at The Bend on Wednesday night to hear the latest news from Sam Shahin, Managing Director of The Bend Motorsport Park.

There were about 70 - 80 visitors, mostly local business people with interests in food and accomodation, and several motor racing individuals. There were few drag racers, obviously being so close to the Winternationals

The main discussions were:

  • What The Bend is doing for circuit racing, bikes, go-karting, drifting and drag racing, and other events like the last Scout Jamboree.
  • How the locals will benefit from supplying food and accommodation, and some of the food/accommodation patterns that have developed just from the recent events. There is huge scope for those in the food and accommodation area.
  • Whether there could be trains traveling from Adelaide to The Bend, and what future plans there were for train travel, including from interstate. More investigation has to be done. The Bend has two railway lines on its boundaries. Accessing either would mean crossing a road.
  • There was no mention of buses from Adelaide, which will have to be investigated.
  • The "improbability" of an aerodrome at this stage, just due to cost. (But watch this space.)
  • Sam Shahin elaborated on the sheer costs of getting The Bend established and that everything costs twice as much or more than originally calculated, and unforseen things like how difficult it is just to grow grass, considering that The Bend is sitting on 9 metres of limestone.
  • Then the difficulty in getting ANY round of ANY event to The Bend. There is obviously jealousy from ALL other motor racing venues in competing for annual events, irrespective of what they are. We drag racers just cannot comprehend the jealousy and lack of cooperation that exists in other forms of motor sport.
  • Significant time was given to the fact that the go-kart track is International Standard, and how keen The Bend was to get an international event here. There is no other track in Australia that meets this standard.
  • Finally, the subject of the drag strip came up. It is going ahead. The aiming point for first race is March 2020. That's the aiming point. Expect delays. There was no discussion about what the track would be made of, that is, how much concrete vs asphalt, whether it would be water cooled etc. It is to be a new strip, between the original drag strip and the Dukes Highway. There are dirt (limestone) mounds visible on Google Earth, if you copy and paste these coordinates into Google Earth, -35.296140 139.494716 so work has begun.
  • One of the visitors explained to all just how willing drag racers are to travel, thinking nothing of several trips interstate per year, and that he was planning to go to Whyalla, Mildura, Swan Hill, Alice Springs and Darwin in the very near future, just to race. Sam was obviously not aware just how keen drag racers are to travel, to race and to spectate.
  • I raised the subject of how lacking in news and information the web site was. It appears to not have been updated since it was first written. Sam has assured us that it will improve.