2019-08-20 The Drag Riders Association of SA Inc (DRASA) recently had its first AGM in some years this week after getting the Club back on track approx a year ago.

Right now we are in a good place. We currently have 19 Financial Members, all of whom are currently racing in various brackets under the ANDRA Banner. The majority of us are racing in Modified Bike, including Jake Hamilton - Moderate who is the Current #1 Plate in Modified Bike in the ANDRA/Summit Series, Jim Hanlon on his Comp Bike Hayabusa, and now Danny Rickard Riding Cyclone in Top Bike.

Over the past couple of months at Adelaide International Raceway we have attended "Sunday Fundays" as part of our Testing/Practise, and are getting a fair bit of interest from Streetbike Riders about the Club and Racing in general.

Drag Racing in general in SA is starting to ramp up, what with all the talk of AIR starting to do what they have to do to achieve Sanctioning from ANDRA to hold Competition Events again, and now the strong probability of "The Bend" coming online for National Championship Drag Racing in the coming year, (no confirmation of dates for The Bend just yet), so Sunday Funday's etc are generally full of willing participants, many of them being Competition Racers who are eager to get their machines up and going at 100% again.

DRASA have been self promoting at race meets around the country, our new Banner has been spotted everywhere in SA, VIC, and the NT of late, we even had a Member Racing in Bernaraby in QLD over the past few weeks.

During Superloop in Adelaide earlier this year, we were part of a Static Display of Drag Racing, talking about and promoting the sport with South Australian Drag Racers Association (SADRA), along with ANDRA, it was here that DRASA was approached by Sam Shahin, the GM of The Bend and were asked if we would be interested in being part of Motofest 2019 at The Bend this year, with the Australian and Asian Superbikes was a great boon for DRASA and ANDRA. We had static and "real time" displays over the weekend, the General Public showing their interest in our machines, and asking many questions on the future of Drag Racing here in South Australia.

In the meantime, the new ANDRA/Summit Season has started with Round One in Alice Springs and Round Two at Hidden Valley in Darwin.

DRASA had approximately 7 Bikes/Riders representing DRASA and SA in Alice, and E of them continuing up to Darwin for Round Two at Hidden Valley.

Round Three is locked in for September 21 & 22 at Mildura's Sunset Strip. This is a very popular Strip for us Croweaters, and always pulls Competitors from all over the Country.