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dragster.com.au and dragster.co.nz are owned by FXL DATA Pty Ltd ABN 72 093 860 470

They are based in Valley View, a northern suburb of Adelaide. The office is not open to the public as I am not always there.

Email to dragster@dragster.com.au or sms 0419 342 555. After hours and weekends are OK.

I am studying both software programming and website development full time at TAFE.

I am revising most of the old red box data loggers to have a 20 minute memory. Most of that work has been done. The hold up is the Windows programming for the display.

That's why I am back at TAFE.

FXL DATA has registered the domain name mperacingonline.com and redirects this to it's own page in the dragster.com.au site.
This is so that owners of the old MPE G3 and G4 Data Loggers can get some repairs and upgrades.
The MPE G3 Data Loggers were made by FXL from 2000 - 2005. They are electrically identical to the FXL22.
The MPE G4 Data Loggers were made by MPE from 2005 - 2007.
So if you have an MPE G3 or G4, hold on to it. The G3 model can be repaired.